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Body Symmetry Sport Specific Conditioning in Springfield, Illinois


Throw your old training methods out the window. Learn to enhance your performance by training sport-specific movements that increase agility, speed, and power.

Body Symmetry sport-specific training programs are exactly that - specific to your needs.

For example, a soccer player needs to possess excellent multi-directional speed whereas a volleyball player might require more emphasis on vertical explosiveness. Each athlete’s training should be different.

Our studio is not a “mill” where athletes with varying abilities perform the same routine. We will assess the specific demands of an athlete’s sport, determine their functional performance level, and create a program to best help them reach their goals.


Sport-Specific Drills & 3-Dimensional Functional Training

Body Symmetry trainers have worked with athletes at varying levels of athletic development - from 10 year-old soccer athletes to professional baseball players. Initially, we emphasize movement-based training programs that enhance an individual’s athleticism. Too often we encounter athletes who aren’t athletic; they’re just good at a particular skill their sport requires. A true athlete can play almost any sport. Agility, coordination, body awareness, multi-directional speed, posture, power, muscle balance, etc… are all components of athleticism.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Sooner or later, everyone sustains an injury. After an injury, it is common for the body to develop muscle imbalances, poor posture, and faulty movement patterns. Most people are unaware of these issues. However, these issues negatively impact performance. Injury prevention is a valid concern for most athletes and at Body Symmetry we make every effort to address those needs by incorporating corrective exercises into training programs.

Diet Recommendations

Many athletes do not realize how important diet is to performance. Optimal performance requires you to consume the right types of food at strategic times throughout the day. Our staff will develop an individualized eating plan that is both effective and realistic.

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