Body Symmetry's rates are a reflection of our level of education, expertise and experience. All trainers at Body Symmetry possess a minimum of a bachelors degree and at least one nationally-recognized health/fitness certification.

There are hundreds of certifying bodies available for personal trainers, however, Body Symmetry requires its employees to possess certifications from the following, well respected organizations: The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Yoga Alliance, and The CHEK Institute.

Trainer Session Length Session Rate
Colton Eilers 30 Minute $55
55 Minute $85
Kevin Pigg, ACSM CPT 30 Minute $60
55 Minute $90
Broedy Long 30 Minute $55
55 Minute $85
Sam Boeyen 30 Minute $55
55 Minute $85
Katie Archey 30 Minute $55
55 Minute $85
Chad Marschik, BA, CSCS 30 Minute $70
55 Minute $120

Partner training is available for an added fee of $10 per additional person with a limit of 3 total participants. This is a viable alternative to one-on-one training that reduces the rate for each participant.

At Body Symmetry, there are no minimum session packages or contracts. You may use our services as frequently or infrequently as you like.