Personal Fitness Training

Personal is the operative word. Look for the right fit.

You need someone who knows how to design the appropriate program for you. Body Symmetry trainers will assess your health history, analyze your current fitness needs, set goals, and lead the way. Body Symmetry also uses the Inbody 570 body composition analyzer as part of our testing. This is a method of describing what the body is made of, including fat protein, minerals and body water. It also describes weight more accurately than BMI. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage. This test can help validate our personal training services as well.

Experience and education set Body Symmetry trainers apart from others. Body Symmetry trainers possess a minimum of a bachelors degree, as well as nationally-accredited certifications.

We want you to feel comfortable with your trainer and training environment.

At Body Symmetry, the trainer you start with will be your personal trainer for every session. You benefit by having a trainer who knows you and can map the perfect program. They will stick with you until you have met your goals. Training in our state-of-the-art facility or your home gym ensures that both you and your trainer are completely focused on your goals with limited distractions.

Exclusive Provider of Fitness Services for Illini Country Club

Body Symmetry is the exclusive provider of fitness training services for Illini Country Club in Springfield, IL. Throughout the year we offer many different types of classes at the country club's new fitness facility. Circuit Training, Golf Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates and Water Aerobics are just a few of the classes currently offered.

Personal fitness training is also offered at Illini Country Club by Body Symmetry trainers. The fees for this service are $80 for a 55 - minute session and $50 for 30 - minute training sessions. Partner training is another option for those individuals looking to workout with another member.

Illini Country Club members should contact Body Symmetry to inquire about a particular class or to schedule personal training sessions.

The Body Symmetry Facility

• 11,000 square feet
• 70 linear feet of commercial grade indoor turf for sprinting, calisthenics and sled pushing/pulling
• On-site physical therapy clinic (Physiotherapy Professionals)
• On-site yoga studio (Ahh Yoga)
• On-site massage therapy (Pure Synergy Massage)
• Comfortable locker facilities with showers and changing rooms